Department of Mechanical Engineering

At HCE, the Mechanical Engineering Branch is one of the best equipped branch, with the most modern machines and equipments in the region. Our workshop ensures practical machining on sophisticated metal cutting machines along with a welding shop, carpentry shop, fitting shop, sheet metal shop and foundry and forging shop. The Central Workshop is equipped with conventional Lathe Machine, Milling Machines, Shapers, Slotter, Planner, gear shapes, centreless grinder, PRAGA : Hydraulic surface grinder, EIFFCO Radial Drilling Machine, Power Hexa machine, Hand Grinder, Various wood working Machines, BOSEH Power Tools, Oxy Acetylene Gas welding sets, Arc welding transformers & Rectifiers, crucible tilting furnace and sheet metal equipments. Measuring instruments such as milling tool, Dynamometer, Lathe Tool Dynamometer, Tool tip temperature measuring thermocouple, Digital Vernier Dear Tooth Vernier, Vernier Height Gauges and Micrometers are also present in the workshop.

Mechanical Engineering Lab is equipped with testing machines like Universal testing Machines (UTM), Impact testing Machine, Beinell Hardness testing Machines, and Modes of 2 Stroke/4 strokes Diesel and Petrol Engines, Turbines, Steam Engines etc.

Engineering Graphics Lab is equipped with the latest drawing boards and various geometrical models to help students to understand the concepts of orthographic and isometric projections which help them further to design complex concepts and Machines.

Courses Offered: 4 year B.Tech Course in Mechanical Engineering


Departmental Lab

  • The Dynamics & Robotics Lab
  • The Metallurgy Lab
  • The Thermal Engineering Lab
  • The Strength of Material Lab
  • The Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • The Thermodynamics Lab
  • The Theory of Machines Lab
  • The IC Engines Lab


Projects Made by Final Year Students