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Celebration of 75th Republic Day of India on January 26th

Gear Up for a Grand Celebration of Republic Day!
The spirit of freedom and democracy echoes in the campus of Hindu College of Engineering! As we gear up to celebrate the 75th Republic Day of India on January 26th, we extend a warm invitation to all our esteemed faculty, dedicated staff, and vibrant students to join us in a day filled with patriotic fervor and joyful camaraderie.
Mark your calendars:
Date: January 26th, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM onwards
Venue: College Campus
A Celebratory Tapestry:
Flag Hoisting Ceremony: Witness the stirring moment as the tricolor unfurls against the dawn sky, accompanied by the melodious rendition of the national anthem. Let your hearts swell with pride as we pay our respects to the sacrifices made by those who built our nation.
Cultural Extravaganza: Immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of India’s diverse cultural heritage through a vibrant display of song, dance, and drama. Be it the pulsating rhythms of Bhangra, the graceful sway of Bharatanatyam, or the soulful strains of patriotic melodies, let the artistry ignite your spirit.
Thought-provoking Symposium: Engage in stimulating discussions on themes of nation-building, democracy, and the challenges and opportunities facing our nation.
Together, let us celebrate the values that define our nation: freedom, equality, and the unwavering spirit of unity in diversity. Come, paint the college with the vibrant hues of patriotism, forge stronger bonds of fellowship, and create a memorable Republic Day experience.
We eagerly await your enthusiastic participation!
For further details and registration, please contact
Organizing committee:
Mrs. Ritu Goyal, HoD ECE
Mrs. Ayushi Aggarwal, AP in CSE
Mr. Ankur Kaushik, AP in MECH
Mr. Ashish Dahiya, Lecturer in MECH
Jai Hind!
Team HCE