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Motivational Session with Successful Startup Founder

Invitation to a Motivational Session with Successful Startup Founder

Dear Students,

We are delighted to invite you to an inspiring and insightful motivational session with Lalit Dudeja, a successful startup founder in the field of Software. Er. Lalit will share their personal journey of building a successful startup from the ground up, overcoming challenges, and achieving remarkable milestones.

This session is an excellent opportunity for you to:

Gain valuable insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the startup ecosystem
Learn from the experiences of a successful entrepreneur and draw inspiration for your own future endeavors
Discover strategies for overcoming obstacles, managing risks, and achieving success in the world of startups
Event Details:

Date: 16-11-23
Time: 10:30 onwards
Venue: Mechanical Seminar Hall

About the Speaker:
Lalit Dudeja is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in the startup industry. They are the founder and CEO of Sui-Generis Technologies a leading company in the field of Library Software. Lalit is passionate about empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and sharing their knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their dreams.

We encourage you to attend this enriching session and gain valuable insights from a successful startup founder. Your presence will be greatly appreciated.


Team IIC