Academic Calender

S.No. Event Name Date and Day
1Opening of academic session13th  January, 2020 (Monday)
2Inter Year annual Sports Meet ( all games )3rd  February, 2020(Monday)- 20th  February, 2020 (Thursday)
3Minor Test - I4th to 6th  March, 2020 (Wednesday -Friday)
4Last date for display of evaluated answer scripts of Minor Test- I12th  March, 2020 (Thursday)
5Midterm evaluation of projects (B.Tech. & M. Tech)12th  –13th  March, 2020 (Thursday-Friday)
6Minor Test - II27th  -29th April, 2020 (Monday-Wednesday)
7Semester evaluation of projects (B. Tech. & M. Tech.)22nd April, 2020 (Wednesday)
8Last day of teaching (Even Semester)29th  April, 2020 (Wednesday)
9Last date for display of evaluated answer scripts of Minor Test-II30th   April, 2020 (Thursday)
10Practical examinations (Even Semester)4th May to 11th May,2020 (Monday- Monday)
11Last date of online submission of sessional awards4th May, 2020 (Monday)
12Start of End semester examinations (Even Semester)13th May, 2020 (Wednesday) onwards
13Summer  Vacations / Practical Training Level 1/ Level 2/ level 318th May, 2020 (Sunday) to 30th June,2020 (Tuesday)
14Start of next Academic session01st July, 2020 (Wednesday)

Latest News

National Science Day

Applied Science department of Hindu College of Engineering is going to celebrate National Science Day on Feb. 26, 2021. For this day, student is required to make a poster on a A2 size or a chart paper or any working model. The topic for poster making are:

  • Role of women in science
  • Science as fun
  • Experiments performed in lab
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Recent discoveries in science
  • Working model on any relevant science related topic
Students can represent their activity in groups.

Admission query in Bihar

Contact Mr Abhay Anand 7979773767 However all financial matters will be dealt through college official contact nos (0130-2212756/9034090663)

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